PinYin in Chinese


Like the phonetic alphabet in English, there are PingYin characters, syllables ,in Mandarin. A Chinese word contains 1-3 syllables: initial-(final: i, u, ü )-fianl.

Here are the list of initials: it must have the final followed it.
b, p, m, f ,d ,t ,n, l, g, k, h, j, q, x, zh, ch, sh, r, z, c, s,

Here are the list of finals: it can be arranged after the initial or as an independent.
a, o, e, ai, ei, ao, ou, an, en, ang, eng, er

Special finals: These finals we called them as a intervals because it is usually  arranged between the initial and final.
i, w, yu

So the word would be :
(initial-sepcial final-final) or (special final-final) or (final) or (special final: i, w, yu)


Chinese Pinyin system marks 5 tones above the first final of syllable. This five-tones system created the great literature of the Chinese Poem in every dynasties.

The first tone is marked as, ˉ : ā Ā

The second tone is marked as, ˊ: á Á

The third tone is marked as, ˇ: ǎ Ǎ

The fourth tone is marked as,ˋ: à À

The fifth tone is marked without any accent mark:
a  A

Here is a nice source tool to check the pronunciations:




Pdf download:

[The single pronounciations table]
The initials:

b p m f
d t n l
g k h
j q x
zh ch sh r
z c s


Special finals

y(i) w(u) yu(ë)


a o e ê
ai ei ao ou
an en ang eng

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